LightSpeed Kit

Foul-release coating for underwater lightspeed kit comes with tools included in the box, process: Disposable gloves, Eye protection, Clean and dry rag

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Keep your lightspeed shining bright all season long™

Underwater lightspeed are just as susceptible to marine fouling as any other underwater surface which can result in reduced visible light, and efforts to remove barnacles can result in damaged lighting components. Lightspeed has been endorsed by Lumishore and is a transparent coating that is an easy and affordable way for boat owners to reduce maintenance, protect their investment, and maintain lighting system performance. Lightspeed has been shown to save three times its retail value in maintenance costs, on top of the unquantifiable damage to marine ecosystems caused by traditional antifouling products.




  • Coverage rate for a 15ml kit: 1ft² / 0.1 m²
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