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  • LightSpeed Kit

    Boat Maintenance

    Foul-release coating for underwater lightspeed kit comes with tools included in the box, process: Disposable gloves, Eye protection, Clean and dry rag

  • PropSpeed ToolKit

    Boat Maintenance

    Developed to elevate confidence, increase accessibility and empower marine businesses and boaters alike, the Like a Pro toolkit includes a new Coverage Calculator™ app, the Stripspeed™ product, and the new Propspeed application kit.

  • StripSpeed

    Boat Maintenance

    Stripspeed must be shaken very well before use to evenly distribute key ingredients for performance. In hotter climates (>30°C / 86°F) Stripspeed needs to be
    reapplied approximately every 10 minutes to ensure the surface stays ‘wet’. Removes Propspeed etching primer and topcoat in one-step, in 30 minutes or less*.
    Timing is subject to atmospheric conditions. Ideal temperature is 15-27°C (60-80°F).

  • Airmar FoulFree

    Boat Docking

    Propspeed’s proven foul-release coating for propellers made the company a natural match and our top choice to develop a coating that keeps transducers free of fouling. We are excited to bring to market a quality product that helps our customers get optimal performance from their transducers.”

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