PropSpeed ToolKit

Developed to elevate confidence, increase accessibility and empower marine businesses and boaters alike, the Like a Pro toolkit includes a new Coverage Calculator™ app, the Stripspeed™ product, and the new Propspeed application kit.

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Propspeed, the original and best performing foul-release coating in the industry, has been tried and tested around the world for over 21 years, consistently delivering customers the same result – improved boat performance, lower fuel and operational costs, sustained value of their investment, all while keeping the vessel’s running gear looking its best

Propspeed Like A Pro™ with the Like A Pro Toolkit


These tools and products are more than just conveniences; they’re game-changers for efficiency and growth. They’re designed to save time, reduce costs, and seamlessly integrate Propspeed into your business operations and haul-out routine. For more Propspeed Products Just click here

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