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Yamaha Gear Oil Tube 350ML OBM

Featuring a specialized formulation, the Yamaha gear oil tube minimizes friction and extends the lifespan of your outboard motor.


Yamaha Gear Oil Tube 350ml OBM


Introducing the Yamaha Gear Oil Tube 350ml, featuring part number 90790-BS801(GL-4) SAE90. This essential lubricant ensures the smooth and efficient operation of your Yamaha outboard motor. Crafted to meet high-performance and reliability standards, Yamaha enthusiasts worldwide trust this premium gear oil.

Genuine Yamaha Product

Furthermore, this gear oil is a genuine Yamaha product, manufactured to the highest quality standards. Additionally, Yamaha’s reputation for reliability and excellence backs it. Precision-crafted with care, it guarantees compatibility and superior performance for Yamaha outboard motors. Moreover, boat owners and enthusiasts alike rely on it.

Marine Grade SAE90 GL-4 Certification

Certified to meet Marine Grade SAE90 GL-4 standards, this gear oil provides superior lubrication and protection for all types of Yamaha outboard motors, except the V8 F350 and V6 offshore models. Whether you’re navigating calm waters or challenging seas, this lubricant ensures smooth and efficient operation of your outboard motor, even in demanding marine environments.

Specialized Formulation for Optimal Performance

Featuring a specialized formulation, this gear oil minimizes friction and wear on critical engine parts, extending the lifespan of your Yamaha outboard motor. Additionally, its advanced formula ensures reliable operation in various marine conditions, enabling you to enjoy worry-free boating experiences.

Convenient 350ml Size

Packaged conveniently in a 350ml tube, this gear oil is easy to handle and store, making it ideal for routine maintenance and servicing tasks. Whether you’re conducting regular checks or preparing for extended voyages, having a dependable supply of gear oil ensures your Yamaha outboard motor remains well-protected and performs at its best.

Important Note

It’s important to note that Yamaha Yamalube Gear Oil Tube 350ml is not suitable for Yamaha outboard motors with a horsepower rating of 350HP and above. For these higher-powered engines, alternative lubricants may be necessary.

Trust in Reliability and Performance

Yamaha Yamalube Gear Oil is a product you can trust in its reliability and performance. Additionally, it’s 100% original quality, guaranteed to meet Yamaha’s rigorous standards. Count on Yamalube Gear Oil to keep your Yamaha outboard motor running smoothly and efficiently, enabling countless hours of enjoyment on the water.

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