Sierra Blue 286

Full Synthetic Gear Lubricant

Formulated to reduce friction and wear, this synthetic oil is shear-stable and oxidation-resistant, ensuring high performance in all temperatures.



Sierra offers a range of high-quality products, such as the Full Synthetic Gear Lubricant, that are specifically designed to meet the demands of modern high horsepower engines and endure the tough marine environment. All Sierra products not only meet but also exceed the standards of the original equipment part it replace. Sierra is a trusted supplier of hundreds of quality parts to OEM engine manufacturers and boat builders every day.

Sierra Full Synthetic Lubricant Gear/ S18-9680-2

  • Specifically formulated to optimize gear life by reducing friction
  • Provides superior wear protection in severe operating conditions
  • This unique synthetic formulation is shear-stable
  • Resists oxidation to ensure high performance over a wide range of ambient operating temperatures


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Sierra-Full-Synthetic-Gear-Lubricant Sierra General Catalogue

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