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Suzuki Ecstar Gear Oil 400ML

Introducing the 99000-22B48 Outboard Motor Ecstar Gear Oil GL-5 400ml, designed to optimize the performance and longevity of your outboard motor.


Suzuki Ecstar Gear Oil: Keep your Engine Safe


Firstly, let us introduce the 99000-22B48 Outboard Motor Ecstar Gear Oil GL-5 400ml. Remarkably, it’s a high-quality lubricant crafted to enhance the performance and longevity of your outboard motor. Developed by Ecstar, Suzuki’s trusted lubricant brand. Consequently, this marine gear lube is meticulously formulated to meet the specific demands of outboard motors (OBMs), ensuring seamless operation and extended durability in various marine conditions.

Genuine Suzuki Product

Furthermore, this gear lube is an authentic Suzuki product, manufactured to the highest quality standards. Suzuki backs its renowned reliability and excellence. Precision-crafted with care, it guarantees compatibility and superior performance for Suzuki outboard motors. Additionally, Boat owners and enthusiasts alike trust it.

Marine Grade SAE90 GL-5 Certification

Certified to meet Marine Grade SAE90 GL-5 standards, this gear lube provides superior protection and performance for all types of outboard motors. Whether you navigate calm waters or challenging seas, this lubricant ensures your outboard motor operates smoothly and efficiently. Additionally, it can handle demanding marine environments.

Recommended for Suzuki Outboard Motors

Tailored specifically for Suzuki outboard motors, this gear lube meets the unique requirements of Suzuki engines. Additionally, it promotes optimal performance and reliability. With its advanced formula and exceptional lubricating properties, it minimizes wear and tear. Consequently, this prolongs the lifespan of your Suzuki outboard motor.

Convenient 400ml Size

Packaged in a convenient 400ml size, this gear lube is easy to handle and store. It facilitates regular maintenance and servicing of your outboard motor. Whether you conduct routine checks or prepare for extended voyages, having a dependable supply of gear lube ensures your Suzuki outboard motor remains well-lubricated and protected.


In conclusion, the 99000-22B48 Outboard Motor Gear Lube GL-5 400ml (ECSTAR) is the ultimate choice for Suzuki outboard motor owners seeking top-quality lubrication. With its genuine Suzuki pedigree, Marine Grade SAE90 GL-5 certification, and tailor-made formulation, it offers unparalleled performance and protection for your engine. Trust Ecstar gear lube to keep your Suzuki outboard motor running smoothly and reliably, enabling countless hours of enjoyment on the water.

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