Sierra Blue 286

Sierra Marine Fuel Stabilizer

Promotes easy starting, cleans carburetor and fuel system, reduces gum and varnish build-up, improves engine performance, and stabilizes petrol for up to 2 years. A 237ml bottle treats 120 liters for everyday use or 60 liters for storage.



Sierra offers a range of high-quality products, such as the Sierra Marine Fuel Stabilizer, specifically designed to meet the demands of modern high horsepower engines and endure the tough marine environment. All Sierra products meet and exceed the standards of the original equipment part it replaces. Sierra is a trusted supplier of hundreds of quality parts to OEM engine manufacturers and boat builders daily.

Sierra Marine Fuel Stabilizer

Provides long-term protection against fuel aging and oxidation. Protects fuel system from corrosion and prevents problems during long-term storage. When added to gasoline it uses its organic content to stabilize the fuel.
*Stabilization for gasoline containing ethanol will vary*


  • Promotes quick starting.
  • Keeps carburetor and fuel system clean.
  • Reduces gum and varnish build-up.
  • Improves engine performance.
  • Stabilizes gasoline without ethanol for up to 24 months.
  • A 237ml bottle will treat 120 liters for everyday use or 60 liters for storage


  • Mercury 92-817529A12, 92-78383A12
  • OMC 174275, 175068, 775613
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