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  • Premium Blend Gear Lubricant

    Engine Maintenance

    Sierra 18-9600-2 Gear Lubricant is a multi-functional lube designed for marine applications. It reduces friction, protects gears, bearings, and other components, and replaces old Hypoid 90 applications.

  • Sierra Marine Fuel Stabilizer

    Engine Maintenance

    Promotes easy starting, cleans carburetor and fuel system, reduces gum and varnish build-up, improves engine performance, and stabilizes petrol for up to 2 years. A 237ml bottle treats 120 liters for everyday use or 60 liters for storage.

  • Sierra eGuard Ethanol Fuel Treatment

    Engine Maintenance

    Sierra’s eGuard Ethanol Fuel Treatment stabilizes E10 gasoline for up to 12 months, prevents fuel system corrosion, cleans the fuel system, and improves performance. Also contains a non-alcoholic water remover to reduce the chance of phase separation.

  • Full Synthetic Gear Lubricant

    Engine Maintenance

    Formulated to reduce friction and wear, this synthetic oil is shear-stable and oxidation-resistant, ensuring high performance in all temperatures.

  • Synthetic Blend Gear Lubricant

    Engine Maintenance

    This high-performance blend is perfect for marine gear cases. It reduces friction, providing superior protection for gears, bearings, and other components. It exceeds OE performance standards and is ideal for heavy-duty applications in outboard or stern drive configurations.

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