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Quicksilver 4-stroke Engine Oil

Protect your marine investment with Quicksilver® 4-Stroke Engine Oil. We craft these oils for optimal performance in the demanding marine environment.


Marine Engine Oil

Protect your marine investment with Quicksilver® 4-Stroke Engine Oil. We meticulously craft these oils for optimal performance in the demanding marine environment. Their exceptional quality and reliability make them a standout choice. Moreover, our commitment to excellence means Quicksilver oils often exceed industry standards, giving you unmatched performance, protection, and peace of mind.


The viscosity of Quicksilver Marine Engine Oil TC-W3 4-stroke oil is rated at ex. 10W-30. This designation signifies its viscosity characteristics across a range of temperatures. The “10W” indicates its flow properties in cold temperatures, with the “W” standing for winter. This ensures easy engine starting and lubrication during cold weather conditions. The “30” signifies its viscosity at higher temperatures, offering optimal engine protection and performance under normal operating conditions.

Versatile Application

Quicksilver Marine Engine oil TC-W3 4-stroke engine oil, stands out in our range. Firstly, it suits a variety of applications, including outboards, PWC, motorcycles, snowmobiles, and small engines. Secondly, this ashless dispersant oil effectively combats rust deposits, safeguarding critical engine components like combustion chambers, intake, and exhaust passages.

Key Benefits

Using this oil offers several key benefits. Firstly, it reduces exhaust smoke, leading to cleaner emissions. Secondly, its formulation helps prevent spark plug fouling or sticking rings, ensuring smooth and consistent engine operation.

Exclusive Formulation

We craft our exclusive formulation to meet the stringent original equipment manufacturer (OEM) specifications set by Mercury Marine. Firstly, this focus on quality means Quicksilver delivers unparalleled lubrication tailored specifically for 4-cycle outboards, PWC, and small engines. Secondly, this targeted lubrication enhances engine performance and helps prevent wear and tear, extending the engine’s lifespan.

Corrosion Prevention

Quicksilver excels in corrosion prevention. Firstly, our formulation actively protects critical engine areas like the combustion chamber, intake, and exhaust passages from corrosion. Secondly, this proactive approach to corrosion prevention is essential for maintaining peak engine performance, reducing maintenance needs, and avoiding costly repairs.

Versatility in Use

We recommend this oil specifically for premix applications in lower horsepower, carbureted engines. Firstly, this makes Quicksilver a preferred choice for a wide range of engine types and applications. Secondly, whether you use it for recreational activities like boating or snowmobiling, or professional tasks like commercial fishing or motorcycle racing, Quicksilver’s adaptability ensures reliable performance in various conditions.

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