Fix190 High Strength Adhesive Sealant Fast Working Time

For use in low movement joints and for structural bonding and direct glazing in marine, transport, aerospace and construction industries, where a strong flexible bond is required. Suitable for below waterline applications.

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Fix190 HT is a high quality High Initial Tack single component bonding adhesive sealant based on MS-Polymer®. It is chemically neutral and fully elastic. Fix190HT is compliant with:

  • DNVGL Structural bonding and direct glazing
  • AS/NZ4020 Potable water sealing
  • 2020 IMO FTP Test Part 2 Smoke & Toxicity Test
  • 2020 IMO FTPT est Part 5 Surface Flamability
  • EN 45545-2 R1+R7 Hazard Level 1, 2 & 3.

Fix190 HT Characteristics:

  • Outstanding bond strength on most all substrates, colour stable and UV resistant
  • Excellent adhesion on porous and non-porous substrates (primer may be required)
  • High performance mechanical properties
  • Flexible elastic rubber, movement accomodation ± 20%
  • Easy application
  • No bubble formulation within the sealant
  • Ecological advantages; free from isocyanates, solvents, halogens and acids
  • Verified by Australian Government as non-hazardous
  • Can be painted after 1 hour (compatibility tests recommended)
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