Mini Buoy – Soft, Inflatable Marking Buoys

The soft inflatable Mini Buoys from DAN-FENDER are supplied with our quality metal valve made of high-quality material and functionality and available at competitive prices.



Inflatable Marking Buoys

Discover the versatile B20BL Mini – Soft, Inflatable Marking Buoy from DAN-FENDER, featuring a durable metal valve crafted from high-quality materials to ensure optimal functionality at competitive prices.


Key Features:

  • Reliable Buoyancy: The B20BL buoy offers dependable buoyancy suitable for marking various areas in calm water settings.
  • Multi-purpose Use: Ideal for demarcating swim areas, prohibited sailing zones, fishing nets, and rowing regatta courses.
  • Color Options: Available in three distinct colors for enhanced visibility and coordination.

Usage Guidelines:

  • Optimal Load: Ensure the load does not exceed 60% of the stated buoyancy for safe performance.
  • Inflation Caution: Avoid over-inflation to maintain product integrity; the maximum diameter should not exceed 160mm to prevent weakening and warranty avoidance.



  • Swim Areas: Safely designate swimming zones with clear, visible markers.
  • Sailing Restrictions: Indicate prohibited sailing areas for enhanced water safety.
  • Fishing Equipment Marking: Easily identify fishing nets and gear placements for navigation awareness.
  • Regatta Course Markers: Facilitate rowing events with accurately marked regatta courses.


Quality Assurance:

DAN-FENDER’s commitment to quality ensures that each B20BL buoy meets stringent standards. It also provides reliability and durability in marine environments.


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