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Boat Wash & Wax

STARBRITE BOAT WASH & WAX 473ML , Dilute 3 capfuls of Boat Wash and Wax in a bucket of water. Mix well and apply with a sponge, soft cloth or wash brush. Rinse thoroughly with clean water and use a towel, PVA Wipe or chamois to dry.
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Starbrite Boat Wash & Wax cleans, shines and protects in one easy step.


  • Cleans, shines and protects in one easy step.
  • Concentrated formula for economical use.
  • Durable polymer protection resists weathering and stains
  • Fresh, new eco-blueberry scent.
  • Ideal for cleaning all marine surfaces

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2-stroke-engine-oil Boat Wash & Wax

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