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  • Premium Teak Brightener – Step 2

    Boat Maintenance

    Apply with sponge, cloth or brush in direction of wood grain. Allow to remain on surface for 5 minutes then rinse thoroughly with fresh water. For best results, use when temperature is over 50°F. Use of rubber gloves is recommended. Immediately rinse off spills and drips from surfaces not being treated. To preserve and protect cleaned wood, apply Star brite Premium Golden Teak Oil or Tropical Teak Oil Sealer.

  • Waterproofing with PTEF

    Boat Maintenance

    Star Brite® Waterproofing with PTEF restores water repellency to virtually all marine fabrics from boat covers to Bimini tops.

  • Premium Golden Teak Oil – Step 3

    Boat Maintenance

    If wood is dirty and/or weathered, first treat it with Starbrite Premium Teak Cleaner and Starbrite Premium Teak Brightener. Apply to dry teak surfaces using a clean cloth, sponge or brush. Apply by working in the direction of wood grain to maximize penetration of oil into wood.

  • Rub Rail Restorer

    Boat Maintenance

    Shake well before use. Apply to a cloth or sponge and then wipe onto rub rails or other surface to be treated. Use soft cloth to wipe up excess to ensure product is only applied to rub rails and doesn’t run onto the hull or drip. Use as often as needed to maintain shiny appearance.

  • Premium Teak Care Kit

    Boat Maintenance

    The Premium Teak Cleaner, Premium Teak Brightener, and Premium Golden Teak Oil are all formulated using the best, most high-tech ingredients available for long-lasting protection and beauty. This kit is ideal for use on all fine woods and wood furniture.

  • Premium Marine Polish With PTEF

    Boat Maintenance

    Before polishing, wash surface to remove grit and dirt. Shake bottle well. Apply evenly with a clean cloth to a small area in a circular motion while polish is wet.

  • Boat Wash & Wax

    Boat Maintenance
    STARBRITE BOAT WASH & WAX 473ML , Dilute 3 capfuls of Boat Wash and Wax in a bucket of water. Mix well and apply with a sponge, soft cloth or wash brush. Rinse thoroughly with clean water and use a towel, PVA Wipe or chamois to dry.
  • Premium Teak Cleaner – Step 1

    Boat Maintenance

    Premium Teak Cleaner is the fastest, easiest way to clean teak and other fine woods to prepare them for oiling. It will safely remove old oils and stains without the need for sanding. Cleans without harsh acids or neutralisers.

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