Skin Fitting Domed BSP

“Skin Fitting Domed” is a high-performance through-hull solution made in New Zealand from a glass-reinforced nylon composite for strength, stiffness, and weight reduction compared to metallic fittings.

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Skin Fitting Domed

Suitable for underwater use.

Skin Fitting Domed is a superior composite thru-hull solution for use above or below the waterline.  

The TruDesign range of Certified Skin Fittings is designed and made in New Zealand, the Skin Fitting body and nut are molded from a glass-reinforced nylon composite. High-strength, high-modulus glass fibers provide dramatic strength, stiffness, toughness, and dimensional stability. These properties allow a significant weight reduction over metallic fittings.

TruDesign Skin Fittings eliminate metallic fittings’ corrosion and electrical bonding problems.

Certified Skin Fitting Domed

Designed and made in New Zealand, TruDesign Certified Skin Fittings (Thru Hulls) are precision molded from glass-reinforced Nylon composite. They eliminate all corrosion and bonding problems associated with electrolysis giving peace of mind to the safety of your vessel.


Skin Fitting Domed Features:

▪ Compatible with all hull types – Can be used on aluminium, steel, wood, composite & GRP hulls.
▪ Chemical resistant – Unaffected by diesel, petrol, chemicals, and antifouling paints.
▪ U.V. resistant – Will not degrade or discolor from the sun’s ultraviolet rays.
▪ Paintable with all types of antifoul including Coppercoat™
▪ Fits TruDesign Ball Valves and other parallel BSP or NPS threads – Universal compatibility to TruDesign brand fittings and other marine hardware.
▪ Large operating range – Suitable for all marine conditions from -40°C to +110°C.                                                                                               
▪ Manufactured from a glass-reinforced nylon composite – High strength and lightweight.                                                                                 
▪ Immune to corrosion and electrolysis – Long life with no concerns over decreased performance due to corrosion.                             
▪ High-quality surface finish – Will not discolor with green film as similar bronze fittings do.

How to use the TruDesign Skin Fitting Domed / Thru Hull Install Tool?

How do I replace an old Skin Fitting Domed (Thru Hull) with TruDesign?

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