skin fittings

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  • Skin Fittings with Tail


    TruDesign Skin Fittings with Tail offers a superior composite thru-hull solution. The body and nut of the Skin Fitting with Tail are molded from glass fiber-reinforced nylon composite.

  • TruDesign Ball Valve BSP


    The Ball Valve body is made of glass-reinforced nylon composite for lightweight, corrosion-free operation. It has PTFE sealing for smooth, long-lasting action. It can be locked and closed in BSP and NPS thread forms for toilet waste outlets.

  • Skin Fitting Domed BSP


    “Skin Fitting Domed” is a high-performance through-hull solution made in New Zealand from a glass-reinforced nylon composite for strength, stiffness, and weight reduction compared to metallic fittings.

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