Bilge Pump Automatic 12V

Our bilge pumps provide ultimate pumping performance, which helps keep your bilge clear of nuisance water. Our bilge pumps are engineered and tested to the highest standard, achieving rated performance at 12V, resulting in high flow with best-in-class efficiency for the toughest applications.

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Powerful automatic Bilge pump. The 20SA pump from RULE is made of sturdy plastic and features easily replaceable dirt filters. The integrated, electric float switch turns the pump on for one second every two and a half minutes to check whether water needs to be pumped or not.
Due to the unit’s low consumption, the pump is extremely economical and is easy on your on-board battery. In addition, the pump has an automatic, thermal shutdown, which shuts off the pump immediately when overheating, ensuring additional protection. Voltage: 12 V. Power consumption: 3.4 A.

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