Square Bilge Pump 1000 – 12 VDC

This Heavy Duty bilge pump from Rule features a rugged housing and high pumping capacity. This variant is best suited for smaller vessels. Output: 63 l/min. Voltage: 12 V.

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Keeping your bilge pump clear of nuisance water is the number one objective of our Rule Standard Bilge Pumps. Simple as that. Rigorous engineering and testing ensure that we keep delivering pumps that can efficiently handle the highest flow even in the most challenging applications.

Featuring a vented impeller housing, the Square Pump prevents airlock, ensuring continuous operation. Additionally, removable discharge fittings, including straight or 90-degree ports, are available to accommodate your installation needs seamlessly.

Rule Standard Bilge Pumps are standalone products with switches sold separately. The pumps can be paired with a float or panel switch, providing an extra level of security and protection.

Rule Standard include a vented impeller housing to prevent the pump from becoming airlocked. Removable discharge fittings, including straight or 90-degree ports are available to suit your installation requirements as well.

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