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Orion-Tr Isolated DC-DC converter

The Orion-Tr Isolated DC-DC Converter comes equipped with a remote on/off terminal, eliminating the need for a high current switch in the input wiring.

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Empower Your Power System with the Orion-Tr Isolated DC-DC Converter

Upgrade your power system with the innovative Orion-Tr Isolated DC-DC Converter. Meticulously crafted, it provides reliable and efficient power conversion for a diverse range of applications. Offering unparalleled versatility and durability, this converter is engineered to elevate your power system.

Seamless Remote Control and Monitoring

Equipped with a remote on/off terminal, the Orion-Tr Isolated DC-DC Converter simplifies operation. It eliminates the need for a high current switch in the input wiring, allowing you to effortlessly control and monitor your power system remotely. Use a low-power switch or even the engine run/stop switch for convenience and flexibility in managing your power system.

Increased Output with Parallel Connection

The Orion-Tr Converter models are short circuit proof and support paralleling to increase output current. You can easily connect an unlimited number of units in parallel, scaling up your power capacity to meet application demands and ensure a reliable power supply.

Temperature Protection and IP43 Rating for Durability

Designed to withstand harsh environmental conditions, the Orion-Tr Converter features high temperature protection. With an IP43 protection rating when installed with the screw terminals oriented downwards, this converter offers enhanced durability and reliability in various installation settings.

Effortless Installation and Adjustable Output

Featuring user-friendly screw terminals, the Orion-Tr Converter requires no special tools for installation. Setup is quick and hassle-free. The inclusion of an input fuse, available on 12V and 24V input models, provides added safety and protection for your power system.

Choose Orion-Tr for Reliable Power Conversion

Whether you’re powering automotive systems, marine equipment, or industrial machinery, the Orion-Tr Isolated DC-DC Converter is the ultimate choice for seamless power conversion. It delivers unmatched performance and efficiency to meet your power needs effectively.

Experience the Difference

Upgrade your power system with the Orion-Tr Isolated DC-DC Converter and experience reliable, efficient power conversion like never before. Explore more about Victron Energy‘s innovative solutions and take your power system to new heights.

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