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MultiPlus-II Inverter/Charger

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The MultiPlus-II is an advanced energy management system that builds upon its predecessors, offering versatility and power. It seamlessly combines MultiPlus and MultiGrid functions, making it highly adaptable. With options for external current transformers and a maximum capacity of 32A for external current sensing, it introduces features like PowerControl and PowerAssist, optimizing self-consumption and energy distribution efficiently.

Additionally, the MultiPlus-II includes built-in anti-islanding capabilities, ensuring compliance with various country approvals and enhancing safety during grid failures or disconnections from shore or generator power. In critical scenarios, the inverter within the MultiPlus-II swiftly activates, seamlessly transitioning to supply power to connected loads in under 20 milliseconds. This rapid response ensures uninterrupted operation, particularly for sensitive electronic devices, crucial in marine environments.

When paired with a GX device such as the Cerbo GX, the MultiPlus-II offers exceptional monitoring and control capabilities. Accessible locally through LAN or remotely via the internet using the VRM app and portal, users can oversee and manage their systems from anywhere worldwide. This flexibility extends to various devices, including smartphones, tablets, laptops, and PCs, catering to diverse user preferences and ensuring seamless integration into existing systems.

Furthermore, the MultiPlus-II is designed for compatibility with a wide range of renewable energy sources, such as solar panels and wind turbines. This adaptability empowers marine enthusiasts to utilize clean energy sources, reducing reliance on traditional power systems and promoting sustainability on the open water. Whether cruising along the coastline or embarking on extended voyages, the MultiPlus-II guarantees a dependable power supply while minimizing environmental impact.

For marine applications, where reliable electrical systems are not just a convenience but a necessity, the MultiPlus-II stands as a top-tier choice. Its robust features and seamless functionality make it a cornerstone in marine electrical setups, providing peace of mind and operational efficiency even in challenging maritime conditions. Explore more about marine electrical solutions in our dedicated category “Marine Electrical“, or delve into the comprehensive capabilities of the MultiPlus-II on Victron, where innovation meets reliability for marine electrical needs.

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