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12V 130Ah AGM Deep Cycle Battery

Technology: flat plate
AGMTerminals: copper
Rated capacity: 20 hr. discharge at 25°C
Float design life: 7-10 years at 20°C

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These batteries utilize flat plate technology with copper terminals for efficient conductivity. Featuring a rated capacity of 20 hr. discharge at 25°C, AGM batteries offer an impressive float design life of 7-10 years at 20°C. Additionally, they boast a robust cycle design life: 400 cycles at 80% discharge, 600 cycles at 50% discharge, and an astounding 1500 cycles at 30% discharge. With dimensions of (L x W x H): 410 x 176 x 227 mm and a weight of 38 kg, they are a versatile and practical choice for various power needs. Explore more about these batteries in our Marine Electrical category and visit Victron’s page for related products.

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