Heavy Duty Inflatable Marker Buoys 480 x 640mm

DAN-FENDER Heavy Duty Marker Buoys can also be used as a mooring buoy by adding a shackle in the rope hole, and directly from the shackle you connect the chain to both the anchor and the boat.


Dan-Fender Heavy Duty Marker Buoys

Explore the All-around features of the DAN-FENDER Heavy Duty Marker Buoys:

✅ Dual Functionality:

Utilize these buoys as mooring buoys by adding a shackle in the rope hole. Connect the chain directly from the shackle to both the anchor

and the boat for secure mooring.

✅ Wide Range of Options:

Moreover, DAN-FENDER offers the largest global selection of inflatable or foam-filled Marker Buoys, featuring buoyancy ranging from 2

kg to an impressive 2425 kg.

✅ Built for Strength:

Additionally, all buoys feature solid rope holds to withstand marine conditions.

✅ Ultimate Strength:

Furthermore, sizes B100 and larger come equipped with a stainless steel eye insert for unmatched durability.

✅ High-Quality Valves:

Each buoy also includes high-quality valves to ensure reliable performance.

✅ Maximum Load Capacity:

Supports up to 60% of its stated buoyancy, providing substantial support for various tasks on the water.


Quality Guaranteed

To protect your boat, we use only the best metal valves to inflate DAN-FENDER products. For larger products, you’ll need a compressor since they come with a heavy-duty valve.
Buoyancies are calculated at 2 lb/sq inch (0.15 bar) and roughly 20°C/68°F. The maximum buoyancy values are provided for buoys/fenders when entirely submerged in freshwater.
DAN-FENDER recommends not to load products with more than 60% of the stated value.


The Warranty for DAN-FENDER products comes with a guarantee that covers any manufacturing defects. This guarantee is applicable when the products are used normally, as intended, and under the conditions they were designed for.
DAN-FENDER warranty will not cover damages caused by improper inflation, cuts, punctures, or exposure to chemicals that may cause the plastic to become sticky, degrade, or discolor. Additionally, any damages caused by abuse or neglect will void the warranty.

Quality Assurance:
DAN-FENDER’s commitment to quality ensures that each Inflatable marker buoy meets stringent standards. It also provides reliability and durability in marine environments.

Product Table:


*All heavy-duty products are produced with solid ROPE HOLD for maximum strength.  

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