Dan-Fender Inflatable Pick-up Buoy 240 x 390mm

The DanFender Pick-up buoy is a versatile tool that can be used for marking fishing nets, equipment, or carrying the end-piece of the mooring-chain that secures the boat to an anchor or mooring buoy.


Inflatable Pick-up Buoys

Introducing the Heavy-duty Inflatable Pick-up Buoys, sized at 240 x 390mm, designed for diverse marine applications.
This innovative buoy allows for easy retrieval from the water, perfect for marking fishing nets, and equipment, or as a connection point for mooring chains from anchors or buoys. Crafted from heavy-duty materials, the Pick-up Buoy features a sturdy rope hold and strong, flexible construction to ensure durability and reliability. A high-quality metal valve guarantees safe and secure usage in marine environments.

Key Features:

✅ Effortless Retrieval Design:

Engineered for easy retrieval, ideal for marking fishing gear or mooring chains.

✅ Durable Heavy-Duty Construction:

Made from robust materials with a solid rope hold for reliability in challenging conditions.

✅ Premium Metal Valve:

Ensures safe and secure use, boosting confidence during marine operations.

✅ Maximum Load Capacity:

Supports up to 60% of its stated buoyancy, providing substantial support for various tasks on the water.



Quality Guaranteed

To protect your boat, we use only the best metal valves to inflate DAN-FENDER products. For larger products, you’ll need a compressor since they come with a heavy-duty valve.
Buoyancies are calculated at 2 lb/sq inch (0.15 bar) and roughly 20°C/68°F. The maximum buoyancy values are provided for buoys/fenders when entirely submerged in freshwater.
DAN-FENDER recommends not to load products with more than 60% of the stated value.


The Warranty for DAN-FENDER products comes with a guarantee that covers any manufacturing defects. This guarantee is applicable when the products are used normally, as intended, and under the conditions they were designed for.
DAN-FENDER warranty will not cover damages caused by improper inflation, cuts, punctures, or exposure to chemicals that may cause the plastic to become sticky, degrade, or discolor. Additionally, any damages caused by abuse or neglect will void the warranty.


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