Dan-Fender FenderStep 400 x 400mm

FenderStep™: the ingenious combination of a boarding step and fender, designed for modern yachts and dinghies. This innovative product has served as a secure step for boarding and a reliable fender for protection, offering dual functionality and durability since 2002.


Introducing FenderStep™

Brilliant is the word we often hear about our unique patented product FenderStep.


Fender Step™ has become a much larger success than we had expected when it was launched in 2002, as it provides the simple double function of being both a boarding step but also a practical Fender.

Our original FenderStep™ remains by far the best and strongest PVC product available for safe boarding, due to our solid molded rope holds, clever design, and careful production process.

Yacht topsides have become increasingly high, often making boarding difficult yet traditional products such as ladders, are awkward and may scratch the boat, unlike Fender Step™. It is particularly useful when boarding from a dinghy.



Key Specifications:

  • Maximum Load: Supports up to 100 kg (225 lbs) for secure boarding.
  • Minimum Rope Size:
  • Requires a minimum rope diameter of 10 mm (3/8”) for optimal performance.
  • Secure Attachment: Always tie securely to separate strong points; never attach both ropes to the same point for safety.

Inflation Instructions: For inflation, use a standard compressor equipped with an accessory air pistol or a Dan-Fender hand pump for effortless setup and use.

Do not over-inflate the FenderStep, it should remain easy to make a small “dent” when pressed with a finger.


Quality Guaranteed

To protect your boat, we use only the best metal valves to inflate DAN-FENDER products. For larger products, you’ll need a compressor since they come with a heavy-duty valve.
Buoyancies are calculated at 2 lb/sq inch (0.15 bar) and roughly 20°C/68°F. The maximum buoyancy values are provided for buoys/fenders when entirely submerged in freshwater.
DAN-FENDER recommends not to load products with more than 60% of the stated value.


The Warranty for DAN-FENDER products comes with a guarantee that covers any manufacturing defects. This guarantee is applicable when the products are used normally, as intended, and under the conditions they were designed for.
DAN-FENDER warranty will not cover damages caused by improper inflation, cuts, punctures, or exposure to chemicals that may cause the plastic to become sticky, degrade, or discolor. Additionally, any damages caused by abuse or neglect will void the warranty.

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