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Railblaza CupClam – Black

The CupClam drink holder can be mounted in either horizontally or vertically mounted StarPorts, to hold various types of drinkware. It collapses for storage and provides a secure hold for your drink.


Railblaza CupClam - Black

Railblaza CupClam drink holders can be mounted horizontally or vertically mounted StarPorts, to hold mugs, stubbies, wine glasses, and even wine bottles. The extendable fingers hold the taller items in place, yet everything collapses into a convenient flatpack for storage.


Railblaza CupClam: This versatile drink holder keeps your drinks secure during outdoor activities.
Mount it horizontally or vertically on StarPorts.
Made from durable fiberglass material, it holds mugs, stubbies, and wine bottles securely.
No spills from wave movement when kayaking.
Easy to install and compact for kayaks and small boats.
Get peace of mind and enjoy your favorite beverages without worries.


Railblaza CupClam Features

  • Versatile Mounting: Horizontal or Vertical Installation.
  • Universal Holder: Securely Fits Various Drink Containers.
  • UV Stabilised, Fibreglass Reinforced: Durable and Sun-resistant.
  • Reliable Support: Prevents Spills and Accidents.

Want to know more?

Railblaza offers a range of fishing and lifestyle accessories that outdoor enthusiasts can easily customize using interconnecting mounting systems.

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