Yachtmaster XS is suited for Genoa, Main Sheets, Traveller, Reefing and Furling systems on cruising and cruiser/racing yachts.

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Donaghys Yachtmaster XS is a new type of double braid polyester. It has a balanced core of High Tenacity Polyester. This design aims to last longer and work well for sailing yachts. The high jacket-to-core ratio helps it last longer. Its design is both durable and performs well. Sailors will find it reliable for casual outings and races. It’s versatile and works in different sailing conditions. It’s also easy to use.

The high-quality materials make it valuable. In short, Donaghys Yachtmaster XS is a great choice for sailors. It combines many good features for sailing. Its design and durability make it a trusted choice on the water.

  • 8mm – 14mm
  • Sold Per Yard
  • Available in White with Red, Green, Blue or  Blue/Red fleck
  • Bulk rigger reels or cartons and larger diameters up to 40mm available on request
  • Black fleck colour option available on request
  • Sheets
  • Guys
  • Control Lines
  • Out/downhauls
  • Runner tails
  • Traveller
  • Vang
  • Reefing and furling systems on cruising and cruiser/racing yachts
  • Easy to splice, flexible sheetline
  • High jacket to core ratio assisting long life

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       Yachmaster XS DataSheets

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