Danforth Sand Anchor – Galvanized

The most popular of all anchors. Sand anchor, Suitable for use in mud or sand. Fitted with retrieval eye for ease of removal if snagged. 

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Danforth Sand Anchor – Galvanized: Suitable for Mud or Sand

Are you ready for your next boating adventure with Danforth’s Sand Anchor? Whether you are an experienced sailor or new to boating, having the right equipment ensures a safe and enjoyable journey.

To meet your boating needs, we offer Galvanized Steel Sand Anchors in eight different sizes. Choose the size that best fits your vessel. Crafted from graded galvanized steel, these anchors combine style with durability and longevity. No matter the weather conditions, you can trust our anchors to hold your vessel securely.

Moreover, our Galvanized Steel Sand Anchors excel in sand and soft bottoms. They are easy to drop and retrieve by hand and also serve as excellent stern anchors. This design makes them perfect for a variety of boats. Once on board, you can effortlessly retrieve the anchors, letting you enjoy your time on the water without stress.

Additionally, these anchors come in a range of weights, from 5kg to 25kg. This allows you to choose the perfect fit for your vessel. Regardless of which weight you select, our anchors hold strong and keep your vessel safe.

Furthermore, we are committed to providing the highest quality boating accessories at affordable prices. Our Galvanized Steel Sand Anchors use premium materials and withstand tough conditions. As a result, you can enjoy the water without worrying about your vessel drifting.

When it comes to boating, safety should be a priority. Investing in a high-quality anchor ensures a safe and enjoyable experience. Therefore, our Galvanized Steel Sand Anchors offer a reliable, durable, and easy-to-retrieve solution. Order yours today and experience the peace of mind that comes with knowing your vessel is secure.


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