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  • Engine Control Cable


    Multiflex offers a wide variety of Engine Control Cables for different applications. Engineered out of corrosion resistant materials and components these control cables meet or exceed all industry standards.

  • 20° Black Bezel Kit


    A Bezel Kit is comprised of plastic trim along with related hardware necessary to mount a Multiflex Planetary 150 or Reduction 150 helm to the dash panel.

  • Reduction 150 Steering Helm


    The Reduction 150 Steering Helm is built to withstand the demands of marine use while delivering exceptional performance and longevity.

  • Non Reaction Planetary 150 Steering Helm


    • Built in friction mechanism to reduce torque
    • Compact planetary design
    • Easy connection, quick installation
    • Helm cover: high pressure die cast aluminum alloy
    • Uses similar mounting footprint to competitors
    • Powder coated for enhanced corrosion
    • Helm shaft: galvanized steel

  • Mercury & Mercruiser Engine Cables (EEC-005-XX)


    Engine Control Cables EEC-005-XX (XX is length of cable in feet) are used for Shift and Throttle application. Different designs of Engine Control Cables are used depending on the engine type and installation.

  • Universal 3300 Cables (EEC-133-XX)


    Engine Control Cables EEC-133-XX (XX is length of cable in feet), Travel : 90 mm | EDGE Conduit: 8.6 mm | Inner: 2.75 mm (Coated Inner) | End Thread : 10-32 UNF

  • Quick Connect Steering Cable (ESC-16-XX)


    Edge Steering Cable for outboard, inboard and sterndrive application, steering cable also has different sizes 6ft up to 48ft

  • 90 Degree Bezel Kit Black (B1B)


    90° Black Bezel Kit A Bezel Kit is a plastic part along with related hardware which is mounted between the steering wheel and the dashboard to cover helm hardware.

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