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Founded in 2010 by Ross Pratt, RAILBLAZA began as a simple solution to a very specific problem. Ross needed an efficient way to mount tools onto his Four Wheeler ATV, so he designed a mounting system that would meet his needs. Once he completed his design he realised this new invention could be used in applications as diverse as paddlesports, marine, RV’s motorbikes and so many more.  Little did he know then that this product would eventually become the cornerstone of a successful international business.

It wasn’t long before word spread about Ross’ invention, and soon people from all backgrounds asked for more information about the product. After seeing this interest, Ross decided to take his invention one step further and create a full line of products that could be used for various applications. He chose to call this new company RAILBLAZA, as it represented his mission of creating innovative, high-quality accessories that make life easier for everyone.

RAILBLAZA is a world leading brand of Fishing Accessories.

We make it easy to customize your boat, with a wide range of products that are both versatile and user-friendly. RAILBLAZA is also the go-to brand for RVers, automotive enthusiasts, and power sport junkies around the globe. Our products are manufactured to the highest standards of quality and durability, so you can count on them to last for years to come…

Fishing Accessories
Fishing Accessories

Hold Everything....

By 2012 RAILBLAZA had developed and produced over 100 products and was selling them in more than 40 countries worldwide! Nowadays you can find RAILBLAZA products on boats, RV’s, kayaks, cars, four wheelers, ATVs, UTVs – you name it! From the flagship StarPort mount to the HEXX Mount and TracLoaders, RAILBLAZA has something for everyone no matter what your activity may be.

Today RAILBLAZA is on the move. We work with Pro Bass Anglers, such as, Ott DeFoe, Bradley Roy and Bill Lowen to develop new products that make it easier for you to get out there and do what you love. Our vision is to help you live a life of adventure, and our mission is to make it easier for you to get out there and explore.

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