Origins and Evolution of Donaghys Marine Ropes

The Donaghys was founded in 1876 in Dunedin, New Zealand, by John Donaghy.  A determined and hard working man whose vision left the legacy that is today a name synonymous with rope, cordage and extruded and injected plastics in Australasia.  The company was built on a work ethic that continues today. 

Now a reputable and integral part of the rural community, Donaghys is a ‘can do’ company dedicated to growth opportunities, research and development and keeping pace with the ever changing requirements of progressive industries.  As such, Donaghys has evolved into a leading supplier of performance products with a wider brief and an international attitude.


Donaghys Marine Ropes and Braids

There’s no substitute for expertise, experience and achievement. Qualities not lost on skippers, riggers, boat builders and designers the world over when looking for the best marine braids for their vessels.

Donaghys offer some of the most technically advanced marine braids. Our products are developed with the best research and technology available. With a dogged commitment and focus to providing new levels of service in a very competitive environment, Donaghys personnel understand what ‘quality’ is demanded of them in their products and service – reliability.
With Donaghys you get service, quality and innovative rope solutions backed by 140 years’ experience.

Performance First. 

“With Donaghys you get Service, Quality, and Innovative rope solutions backed by over 140 years of experience”

Our people deliver daily on this promise through commitment to our customers’ expectations, understanding requirements, and facilitating the best results through experience and professionalism.

Our plants deliver this promise through continuous development programs, technology investment, internationally recognized ISO9001 accredited systems, and certification on quality.

Donaghy innovation is the outcome of combining people, state-of-the-art manufacturing, and passion to provide the highest standard and commitment. The rope is our business, we know it, we live it and we evolve it into ever-new and exciting applications.

Donaghys ropes are built to last, are performance-based based and we have extensive ranges to deliver the best and most appropriate and economical solution to your rope requirements. We look forward to the opportunity to assist you with your next project or ongoing rope requirements.

We’ve been a proud Rope business since 1876 when founded by John Donaghy in Dunedin, New Zealand. Today we look to the future, in partnership with our customers to deliver mutual growth and success.

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