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DAN-FENDER, a part of dan hill plast a/s, is one of the World’s largest producers of fenders and buoys for marine sectors including leisure boating, fishing, aquaculture, commercial vessels, navy & coast guard vessels and off-shore projects. We have been producing the highest quality buoys and fenders since 1982 and today we are market leaders due to our consistent quality, innovative design and outstanding service, exporting worldwide through our extensive network of distributors.

DAN-FENDER has a comprehensive and innovative range of proven products that fully meet the requirements of all our marine sector customers, for example our fender range provides size options to protect all vessels from small dinghies through to super yachts and navy vessels. For the fishing sector, the buoyancies of our marker buoys range from just 2 kg to an immense 2400 kg!



To ensure on-going quality, service and improvement dan hill plast a/s has been certified according to the ISO DS/EN ISO 9001:2015.

DAN-FENDER manufactures all its products in our factory in Denmark and we guarantee the highest and consistent quality.

Quality is our trademark and DAN-FENDER does not compromise in either the choice of materials or in our manufacturing attention to detail. The service we provide to our long standing customers is superb quality, innovative design and flexibility!

Preferred by the professionals
DAN-FENDER is recognised as setting the quality standard for fenders and buoys world-wide.


DAN-FENDER Heavy Duty Fenders

You need quality fenders for the best possible protection of your valuable boat!

In our comprehensive range of sizes and colors, you’ll find fenders that fit both small dinghies and large mega yachts.

Heavy Duty fenders are produced with solid rope holds for ultimate strength, strong and flexible material for all weather conditions, high quality valve-systems for easy inflation and air-hold.

We test 100% of the Heavy Duty fenders. Every single one produced is being tested for leaks in water-tanks before packing to ensure the high quality.

Fenders alone protect the boats 95% of the time while lying in the marina, both in nice sunny weather, but also during storms & hurricanes – do not compromise, choose quality!

DAN-FENDER Heavy Duty fenders, proven quality and durability since 1982.

Quality of the DAN-FENDER Heavy Duty Range

We know what it takes!

DAN-FENDER has the know-how and experience gained from more than 35 years of molding high-quality fenders and buoys.  In addition to fenders and buoys, Dan Hill Plast a/s has been one of Europe’s leading technical plastics producers with advanced in-house capabilities, knowledgeable qualified staff, and advanced development and production equipment since 1957.

Heavy Usage and Endurance

DAN-FENDER continues to invest time and effort in maintaining our lead in producing state-of-the-art products. All materials are carefully selected to ensure that our products not only have an excellent appearance but will endure many years of service in harsh environments.


Heavy Duty fenders, proven quality and durability since 1982.

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