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12V/165Ah AGM Deep Cycle Battery

Solar Battery Sepc
  • Flat plate design with copper terminals
  • Rated capacity: 20 hr. discharge at 25°C
  • Float design life: 7-10 years at 20°C
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Solar Battery 12V/165Ah AGM Deep Cycle Battery Transitioning to reliable power solutions, Victron VRLA batteries deliver unmatched durability with lead calcium grids and high-purity materials. Benefit from extended storage without recharging, thanks to a self-discharge rate of less than 2% per month at 20°C. For high-current discharge demands, Victron’s AGM Battery range provides low internal resistance, ideal for inverters, thrusters, and winches. Featuring flat plate technology, copper terminals, and impressive cycle design life, these batteries guarantee top-notch performance and longevity. Explore more about these batteries in our Marine Electrical category and visit Victron’s page for related products.

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