Fender Inflatable HD 250 X 700mm

Inflatable Heavy Duty Fender Inflatable Hd Gray 250 X 700mm – Modeled from tough, flexible vinyl, designed to give years of trouble free mooring.

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Heavy Duty Fenders

You need quality fenders for the best possible protection of your valuable boat!

In our comprehensive range of sizes and colors, you’ll find fenders that fit both small dinghies and large mega yachts.

Heavy Duty fenders are produced with solid rope holds for ultimate strength, strong and flexible material for all weather conditions, high quality valve-systems for easy inflation and air-hold.

We test 100% of the Heavy Duty fenders. Every single one produced is being tested for leaks in water-tanks before packing to ensure the high quality.

Fenders alone protect the boats 95% of the time while lying in the marina, both in nice sunny weather, but also during storms & hurricanes – do not compromise, choose quality!


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