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Emergency Marine Safety Equipment & Accessories

Flares, Life-rafts, EPIRBs, Life-vests, Personal Flotation Devices, Life-rings, Man-overboard Lights, Smoke Alarms, Fire-blankets, Foul-weather Gear, Fog Horns First-Aid Kits, and more

Broadwater Marine supplies and installs emergency marine safety equipment & accessories, anywhere around the Philippines. You can order through any office in person, by phone or via email and then pay us in cash, through our bank or online via credit card or PayPal.

Don’t wait until you need to use the emergency equipment on this page, contact Broadwater Marine today!

EPIRB Foul Weather Gear First Aid Kits Philippines Life Jackets Personal Floatation DevicesPhilippines Fog Horn Philippines

Your safety on the water is most important to us, so we have sourced the best of the best emergency and marine safety equipment from the World’s leading suppliers. Whether you are out on the bay for the day or cruising around the Philippines or off-shore doing some game fishing, then Broadwater Marine has got you covered with flares, EPIRBs, life-rafts, life-vests, life-rings, personal flotation devices, man-overboard lights, fire-blankets, smoke alarms, foul-weather gear, first-aid kits, fog horns and more.