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Cooper Bi-Wire / Conventional Repeater Panel                        EFBWCV-REPEATER

Eaton’s new BiWire and Conventional repeater panel is compatible with the 2 zone, 4 zone and 8 zone BiWire-Ultra (EFBWxZONE), BiWire-Flexi (EFBWxZFLEXI) and latest release of conventional panels (EFCV8Z). The EFBWCV repeater panel can be daisy-chained up to 3 panels per control panels.

It can repeat information from any zone of the panel it is cabled to. With an integral power supply the only wiring required for the repeater panel is the mains input to the power supply unit and the data cable between the fire control panel and each repeater panel.

Key Features:

  • Can be used with 2, 4 and 8 zone control panels
  • Internal Power supply
  • Simple unit cabling
  • Up to 3 repeaters per control panel
  • Same modern enclosure as control panels
  • Repeater panel not out of place in public areas
Download Datasheets                                                                            Download Product Manual

Price: Php. 10,000