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Hatches, Windows, Latches, Cleats, Bollards, Fairleads, Caulking, Scuppers, Vents, Drain Plugs, Sacrificial Anodes, Deck Fillers, Battery Boxes, Transom Showers, Rod Holders, Bolts, Rails, Catches, Boarding Ladders, Pumps, Biminis, Anti-foul, Paints, Varnishes, Generators, Wind Generators, PV Solar Panels

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How your boat looks is a reflection of the love and care you put into her. Obtain the most durable, economic finishes, replacement parts and accessories for your boat, for the deck, hull and cabin. Pick from Broadwater Marine’s superb range of international branded items and parts. Whether you are enhancing, refitting, repairing or simply replacing that which the elements or your crew have attacked, choose from our range of hatches, latches, windows, cleats, fairleads, bollards, caulking, vents, scuppers, drain plugs, deck fillers, sacrificial anodes, battery boxes, rod holders, transom showers, bolts, catches, rails, ladders, biminis, bilge pumps, anti-foul, paints, varnishes, generators, wind generators, PV solar panels and more.

Broadwater Marine supplies and installs marine deck, hull & cabin parts and accessories for boats, anywhere around the Philippines. You can order through any office in person, by phone or via email and then pay us in cash, through our bank or online via credit card or PayPal.

Don’t wait till you have lost the battle with the elements, repair or replace marine deck, hull & cabin parts and accessories, and keep your boat looking her best; contact Broadwater Marine today!

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