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Safety Equipment

Marine Safety Equipment For Sale

Emergency & Marine Safety Equipment


Emergency Marine Safety Equipment & Accessories

Flares, Life-rafts, EPIRBs, Life-vests, Personal Flotation Devices, Life-rings, Man-overboard Lights, Smoke Alarms, Fire-blankets, Foul-weather Gear, Fog Horns First-Aid Kits, and more

Broadwater Marine supplies and installs emergency marine safety equipment & accessories, anywhere around the Philippines. You can order through any office in person, by phone or via email and then pay us in cash, through our bank or online via credit card or PayPal.

Don’t wait until you need to use the emergency equipment on this page, contact Broadwater Marine today!

EPIRB Foul Weather Gear First Aid Kits Philippines Life Jackets Personal Floatation DevicesPhilippines Fog Horn Philippines

Your safety on the water is most important to us, so we have sourced the best of the best emergency and marine safety equipment from the World’s leading suppliers. Whether you are out on the bay for the day or cruising around the Philippines or off-shore doing some game fishing, then Broadwater Marine has got you covered with flares, EPIRBs, life-rafts, life-vests, life-rings, personal flotation devices, man-overboard lights, fire-blankets, smoke alarms, foul-weather gear, first-aid kits, fog horns and more.

Ropes & Rigging

Marine Ropes & Sail Rigging For Sale

Marine Ropes & Sail Rigging

Ropes, Sheets, Halyards, Reefs, Preventers, Runners, Lines, Shackles, Warp, Winches, Jammers, Trailer Winches, Cam Cleats, Turnbuckles, Swages, Blocks, Travellers Sheaves, Tracks, Masts, Booms, Spars and more.

Broadwater Marine supplies and installs marine grade ropes & sail rigging, anywhere around the Philippines. You can order through any office in person, by phone or via email and then pay us in cash, through our bank or online via credit card or PayPal.

Trailer Winch Anchor Warp sailing winche sheet jammer Stainless Steel Turnbuckles Stainless Steel Shackle
You are heading out past the heads and you feel the breeze freshen from the southwest, the first warm tropical ocean spray moistens the newly scrubbed teak decking; this is the moment when you want to know that your ropes and rigging are sound. Broadwater Marine has searched the World to source the best quality, longest lasting ropes and rigging to provide you with the confidence to chase your dreams beyond the horizon. Whether you are racing, day sailing or embarking on that voyage of a lifetime, choose your ropes and rigging with confidence from our range of halyards, sheets, reefs, runners, preventers, lines, warp, shackles, winches, jammers, cam cleats, swages, turnbuckles, blocks, tracks, travellers, sheaves, masts, booms and more.
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Donaghy’s Brochure

PSP Marine Tapes – Website

Ronstan – Sailboat Hardware – Website

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Marine Electronics

Marine Electronics Equipment For Sale

Freedom Won’s leading Lithium LiTE battery Solutions.
Superior range of LiTE batteries (LiFePO4 – Lithium Iron Phosphate) for marine , residential, business, commercial, and industrial applications.

Freedom Won Website
Spec Sheet link here

Inverter, Chargers, Converter, and other reliable power supply for all the electrical equipment’s function.
Broad range of product that are extremely suitable for onboard power system.

Victron Energy website
Brochure here

Highest quality marine air horns including air and electric horns for yachts as well as commercial and military vessels.

Brochure here 
Kahlenberg Industries Website

The world leader in satellite navigation and GPS products.

Garmin Website

Manufacturer of electronic equipment for marine use.

Raymarine Website

For over 40 years we’ve been America’s favorite Fishfinder – the leading innovator of Side Imaging technology – providing recreational and professional anglers difference-making days out on the water, day after day, year after year.

Hummingbird Website

Cobra Electronics offers portable power, automotive & marine electronics for everyday consumers.
Cobra Radios – One of the most popular radio brands in the world.

Cobra Website
VHF flyers link

Ancor – Marine Grade Cable & Crimps

Ancor Website
Ancor Catalog

BEP – Digital Switching, Battery Management, Circuit Protection & Switches.

BEP Website
BEP Catalog

Blue Sea Systems – Battery Management, Circuit Protection & Switches

Blue Sea Systems Website
Blue Sea Systems Catalog

C-Zone is a digital control & Monitoring system designed for manufacturers and installers of marine, RV & Specialty vehicles.

Czone Website

Lenco Marine – Trim Tabs & Hatch Lifters

Lenco Marine Website

Marinco – Shore Power, Wipers, Spotlights & Battery Distribution

Marinco Website
Marinco Catalog

Mastervolt – Batteries, Battery Chargers, Inverters, Inverter/Chargers & Regulators

Mastervolt Website
Mastervolt Catalog

ProMariner – Battery Chargers, Inverters & Isolators

ProMariner Website
ProMariner Catalog

Light Years Ahead.
Three words that express the very essence of OceanLED.
Not just a slogan, it’s our way of seeing the world.

Oceanled Website
Oceanled Catalog

Marine Electronics Equipment

fish finder for sale Philippines
Marine Electronics

GPS, Chart Plotters, Fish Finders, Depth Gauge, Wind Instruments, Radar, VHF Radios, SSB Radios, Hand-held Radios, Digital Charts, EPIRB, Side-scan Sonar

Broadwater Marine supplies and installs marine electronics, anywhere around the Philippines. You can order through any office in person, by phone or via email and then pay us in cash, through our bank or online via credit card or PayPal.

Chart Plotter Philippines GPSs Philippines Marine Radio Philippines Hand-held Radio Philippines EPIRB for sale Philippines
Where you are going on the water in the Philippines is your business; how you find you way there is ours. At Broadwater Marine we have selected the most accurate and reliable marine electronics equipment so that you can go wherever your dreams may take you and find what you are looking for, safely. Whether you are day sailing or cruising around the Philippines, seeking those elusive game fish or simply trying to avoid the reefs, choose from our range of: GPS, fish finders, live casino, chart plotters, depth gauges, radar, wind instruments, VHF radios, hand-held radios, SSB radios, digital charts, side-scan sonar and more. And, if things go South and you need urgent assistance, we have EPIRB and other emergency communications equipment that works.
Simrad Fish Finders Philippines Hella Marine Philippines
GME Marine Radios Philippines Sea Scan Survey logo
McMurdo Philippines

BLA Chandlery Products Philippines

BLA Chandlery Products Online Locator

BLA logo

Broadwater Marine is the Philippine Agent for BLA, one of the Largest Marine Equipment Suppliers in Australia. Click the box (left) to search through the BLA chandlery products online catalogue

BLA Chandlery Products in the Philippines,
for motor yachts,  sail boats and power boats,
Seats & Accessories,
Mechanical Steering,
Hull, Lighting, Deck & Cabin Hardware,
Hydraulic Steering, Pumps, Outboard & Fuel Fittings,
Engine Controls,
Plumbing & Galley,
Trailer Accessories,
Thrusters & Trim Tabs,
Anchoring & Mooring,
Safety Equipment,
Engine Room,
Rigging, Navigation Aids,
Boat Building Materials,
Paints & Maintenance,
Oils, Anchors, Rope, Winches & Accessories,
Steering Wheels,
Fishing Accessories,
Hatches & Ventilation,
Bits For Boats
and more.