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New & Pre-Owned Jet Skis & Water Sports Equipment For Sale

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New Jet Skis & Water Sports Equipment

transparent kayak for sale

Transparent Kayak For Sale

Two seat, transparent kayak for sale. This Sit-On-Top tandem kayak is perfect for two people observing corals and marine life in shallow waters. 3.25 Metre overall length; only 20kg weight. Made from rugged polycarbonate fibre. Will carry one or two kayakers and gear up to 200kg. Includes: two transparent seats, transparent paddles, air bag
Php 63,000

clear bottom kayak for sale

Clear Bottom Kayak For Sale

Single seat, clear bottom kayak for sale. Single, Sit-On-Top kayak is perfect for observing corals and marine life in shallow waters. 2.8 Metre overall length; only 26kg weight. Will carry kayaker and gear up to 120kg. Includes: deluxe seat, transparent paddle, fishing rod holder F3, hatch cover
Php 44,100

Plastic dinghy inflatable for sale

SOLD Plastic Dinghy Boat For Sale

Plastic dinghy boat for sale. Supplied with oars and can be upgraded to sailing dinghy.
Php 35,000

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flyfish inflatable

Inflatable FlyFish Rides

The Flyfish was designed and developed completely through many years of trial and error. We are proud of the Flyfish and its reputation with customers around the world. During the professional Flyfish racing in Europe, FF200 and FF300 can fly 10 meters up in the air when pulled by a Jet-Ski.
Php 84,400 2-person FlyingFish Ride
Php 110,700 3-person FlyingFish Ride
Php175,500 5- person FlyingFish Ride


peddleboat for sale

Sun Dolphin Pedaling /Trolling Boat

SunDolphin 5 provides room for the whole family. Comfortably seats three on the front bench seat and has two contoured seats in the rear. Includes built-in cooler/storage area so there's less returning to shore. Your gear, be it drinks, tackle, sunblock or whatever is always within easy reach. Features oil impregnated bronze bushings for maintenance-free, long-life and easy pedaling. Feature a built-in motor mount for attaching a standard transom mount trolling motor. Quality features and construction make this boat an outstanding value. Made of rugged UV-stabilized Fortiflex® High Density Polyethylene, it has a 5-year warranty on the deck and hull and 2-year warranty on parts.
Php 99,000 - Introductory Price


inflatable banana rides for sale

Inflatable Banana Rides Philippines

Riding the Water Banana is the ultimate in family fun. All ages can enjoy the ride, since all you have to do is sit and hold on. Designed with large main tubes and side stabilizing pontoons, the Water Bananas are engineered for a safe and thrilling ride. Twin-Banana Rides available soon; place order now! Order through any Broadwater Marine Philippines outlets
Php 49,000 5-person Banana Rides
Php 58,100 7-person Banana Rides
Php 73,500 10-person Banana Rides
Php 84,400 12-person Banan Rides


Photograph Ocean Kayak's sea kayaks for sale philippines

Sea Kayaks by Ocean Kayak For Sale Philippines

New sea kayaks from Ocean Kayak. Solo or tandem sit-on-top sea kayaks. Highly durable, rota-moulded in a wide range of colours. Single-seat sea kayaks from Ocean Kayak in stock include: Frenzy, Mysto, Peekaboo, Scrambler, Prowler, Sprinter. Tandem-seat sea kayaks from Ocean Kayak in stock include: Malibu 11, Malibu 11-XL. Available at all Broadwater Marine Philippines outlets
from Php 30,600 (single-seat sea kayaks)
from Php 58,500 (tandem-seat sea kayaks)


Pre-owned Jet Skis & Water Sports Equipment

Seadoo GTX 4 TEC for sale

SeaDoo GTX 4 TEC Jetski For Sale

SeaDoo 4 Stroke GTX 4 TEC (2004) jetski for sale in immaculate condition. Capacity up to three people. Power plant: 1494cc, 3 cylinder, 4-stroke inboard, fuel injected gasoline engine; fuel tank 60 litres. Under-seat storage plus glove-box and forward storage. Forward & reverse gears, and rear-view mirrors. Includes: galvanized jetski trailer.
Php 490,000

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Seadoo RTX260 for sale

Seadoo RXT-X260 Jetski For Sale

Seadoo RXT-X260 Jetski Rotax 4 Tec Turbo Charged, 3 Seater, Very Fresh, 70 hours only, Forward, Neutral, Reverse with Intelligent Breaks, Electronic Trim, Touring/Sports/Fuel Eco Mode, Road-worthy Trailer w/ shocks
Php 700,000

Seadoo RTX260

Zodiac inflatable for sale

SOLD Zodiac Inflatable Boat For Sale

2.7 meter Zodiac inflatable boat for sale. Wood floor, including paddles.
Php 60,000


Yamaha Wave Runner for sale

SOLD Yamaha 1100 Wave Runner HO For Sale

2006 Yamaha Waverunner High Output (HO). Approx 138hours. Powered by 4-stroke Yamaha MR1 engine, 1100cc, 160HP. Very fuel efficient yet powerful engine. 3-seater, stable family ski. Plus: very sturdy road trailer w/ shock absorbers
Php 490,000


SeaDoo Trailer for sale

SeaDoo Jet Ski Double Trailer For Sale

Genuine Seadoo jet ski double trailer for sale. In good condition.
Php 59,000

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